Small athletics budget is challenge for some NCAA

Small athletics budget is challenge for some NCAA Division I programs


When a leak appeared in Mississippi Valley State’s gym roof and warped the floor, basketball practice became impossible just as the 2010 11 season was getting under way.


By Greg Bartram, US Presswire /cutline_credit> 252> bold>Learning to be creative: /bold> Former Mississippi Valley State coach Sean Woods knows the challenge of being outspent by bigger schools. 252> 252>”


cutline_credit>By Greg Bartram, US Presswire /cutline_credit> 252> bold>Learning to be creative: /bold> Former Mississippi Valley State coach Sean Woods knows the challenge of being outspent by bigger schools. 252> 252>cutline_credit>By Greg Bartram, US Presswire /cutline_credit> 252> bold>Learning to be creative: /bold> Former Mississippi Valley State coach Sean Woods knows the challenge of being outspent by bigger schools. 252> 252>


The displaced Delta Devils who had made the NCAA men’s basketball tournament three years before loaded into vans to practice at a middle school 20 minutes away.


It took four months to find money to repair the floor. Meanwhile, the Devils embarked upon an early season schedule that included several of the nation’s top hoops schools: Indiana, Butler, Kentucky, Marquette. They lost all four of those games (and many others), but it was enough to earn $800,000 in guarantees. And more than enough for a new floor.


“We are the lowest in the totem pole in resources and finances,” says Sean Woods, the departing men’s basketball coach at the 2,000 student school two hours north of Jackson, Miss. “We can’t compare to anyone else in the country.”


INTERACTIVE: How Division I schools make, spend moneySTORY: Finances could cause split in footballPHOTOS: The top 12 spending schoolsActually, Mississippi Valley has small, but lively, company in the NCAA Division I budget basement, which includes North Carolina Asheville and Maryland Eastern Shore other schools that have made their athletics programs out of scrappy teams and playing for guarantees. MVSU and UNC Asheville made the 2012 NCAA men’s basketball tournament, Asheville doing so for a second consecutive season. UMES recently won its second consecutive NCAA women’s bowling championship.


These schools get their guarantee money playing penthouse dwellers Cheap Snapback Hats such as Texas, which had a budget of more than $134 million in 2011. MVSU’s entire athletics budget of $4 million for the year was less than Texas paid football coach Mack Brown.


The megadisparity is emblematic of the fight between the haves and the have nots in Division I, where money making programs such as Texas’ generated a median surplus of $9 million in 2011, and schools such as MVSU even with their scaled down programs saw a median deficit for athletics of more than $8 million.


Having a football program doesn’t seem to help. The biggest deficits in 2011 belonged to the Football Bowl Subdivision schools whose conferences don’t automatically send a team to the Bowl Championship Series; their median deficit was $14 million. With goal posts on the field leaning and the old ticket booth wrapped in caution tape, some of the school’s 3,600 students use the track around the field to practice. But that surface is too dilapidated for the track and field teams to use for outdoor meets. Athletics department spokesman Stan Bradley said school officials declined to comment.


Support for sports programs has declined considerably over the years, says Kirkland Hall, UMES alum, former athletics director and coach of the school’s softball, baseball and men’s basketball teams.


“Because we don’t have a football team anymore, the students don’t really get excited about the sports,” he says. “Even when we do well, the cheering is not as loud as it could be.”


To generate more income, Wholesale Hats some schools have built new facilities at best a risky investment. Last year, UNC Asheville completed the 3,200 seat Kimmel Arena for its basketball teams, nearly tripling the number of seats it had in the old Justice Center, which was one of Division I’s smallest gyms. Combined with the men’s basketball team’s 24 9 record in the 2011 12 season, the fan base has surged.


UNC Asheville still has to depend on community facilities for some events, including night baseball games; the tennis team plays on a local hotel’s courts.


And while the community’s support of the athletics program has increased recently revenue from tickets to sports events has nearly tripled since 2005, even before Kimmel Arena was completed inconsistent revenue overall can plague lower financed programs, especially when their football and men’s basketball teams don’t win.


Mississippi Valley State’s men’s basketball team had a 17 game winning streak in conference play this past season, but its football team which produced NFL great Jerry Rice in the 1980s won one game in 2011.


UMES’ men’s basketball team has never played in the NCAA tournament, and it went 7 23 this past season.


Coaches get creative


Part of this struggle is attributed to the challenge of recruiting athletes to schools with such small sports budgets. Coaches must find creative ways to attract prospects.


“You have to sell (the athletes) on the fact that they get their turn early on as freshmen. We will be giving them time to play on the court, unlike the bigger schools,” UNC Asheville men’s basketball coach Eddie Biedenbach says.


MVSU coaches try to recruit players who have good grades so they can be admitted on academic scholarships, and the school tries to keep recruiting in state to keep recruiting and scholarship costs down, says athletic director Donald R. Sims.


But playing for a small budget school can have drawbacks that go beyond the field. At MVSU, athletic scholarship recipients must chi flat iron official website give the school any Pell Grant money they receive, applying it toward the athletics chi flat iron website department’s cost of the scholarship, says football coach Karl Morgan, who adds other schools have used this requirement to compete against MVSU for recruits.


NCAA rules allow scholarship athletes to keep Pell Grant money, as long as the total combined value of the scholarship tuition, mandatory fees, room, board and books and the Pell Grant don’t exceed the school’s cost of attendance.

Jonathan Martin American football

Jonathan Martin American football


Early life and education[edit]


Martin’s father, Gus Martin, is a Harvard University graduate and a professor of criminal justice administration at California State University, Dominguez Hills.[1] His mother, Jane Howard Martin, is also a Harvard cheap jerseys graduate and is a corporate lawyer for Toyota.[2] Martin has a total of nine relatives who graduated from Harvard including his grandfather, a professor in international development, and his maternal great grandfather, one of a dozen African American students there in the 1920s.[3]


Martin’s education is unlike many other pro athletes. He attended John Thomas Dye School, a top 3 private elementary school in the Los Angeles area and for high school, he attended nationally ranked Harvard Westlake School in Los Angeles, California. 44 offensive tackle prospect in the class of 2008, which was highlighted by Mike Adams and Matt Kalil.[5] Martin held offers from Mississippi, UCLA, and Utah, but narrowed his decision down to Stanford, which offered him an athletic scholarship, or Harvard, which does not offer athletic scholarships. He committed to the Stanford Cardinal on January 11, 2008.[6]At Stanford University, Martin studied classics (ancient history track).[1] As a redshirt freshman in 2009, Martin started 11 of 13 games at left tackle. He was one of two freshman starters on the offensive line, along with left guard David DeCastro. Despite its inexperience, the Cardinal offensive line allowed a Pac 10 low seven sacks on the year, enabling Stanford’s freshman quarterback Andrew Luck to lead the conference in passing efficiency at 143.47. On the ground, Cardinal running back Toby Gerhart rushed for a school record 1,871 yards and 28 touchdowns in 2009. He was regarded cheap nfl jerseys as the No. 3 tackle prospect in the 2012 NFL Draft, behind Matt Kalil and Riley Reiff.[9] He was projected to be a late first or early second round selection.


At the 2012 NFL Draft, Martin was selected in round 2, with the 42nd overall pick by the Miami Dolphins. Despite playing mostly at left tackle in college, the Dolphins drafted him to play at right tackle. [12]During his rookie season, Martin started at right tackle from the beginning of training camp and struggled early in preseason with giving up sacks and penalties.[13] On October 2, Martin was fined $10,000 for illegal clipping.[14] In December 2012, Martin was moved over to left tackle to take over for Pro Bowler Jake Long, who had been placed on injured reserve with a torn triceps. Martin had started the first 12 games of the season at right tackle, ranking 63rd out of the 69 NFL tackles who had played at least 300 snaps, according to Pro Football Focus’ grading system.[15]


For the 2013 season, Martin was slotted at left tackle in order to replace Long, who wholesale nfl jerseys had left in free agency, and was noted to struggle throughout the early part of the season in pass protection.[16] On October 21, 2013, the Dolphins signed Bryant McKinnie to take over at left tackle, moving Martin back over to right tackle.[17]


On October 30, 2013, it was reported that Martin had left team facilities two days earlier, citing “emotional” reasons. It was initially reported that he had been mistreated by some teammates during lunch that day when they asked him to sit with them, but then promptly got up and left the table when he sat down.[18][19] Martin was subsequently listed on the injury report with an unspecified injury and missed the Dolphins’ game on October 31.[20] It was later reported that during this period Martin had briefly checked into a hospital for emotional distress before flying to his parents’ home in California, where he is “preparing a detailed document for his cooperation with a league investigation into a string of alleged multiple incidents he says led to his emotional distress and exit from the team”.[21][22]


On November 2, it was reported that Richie Incognito’s ring leading role in the harassment of Martin dating as far back as the 2012 season was being reviewed by the NFL Players Association.[23] On November 3, Incognito was suspended by the Dolphins for “conduct detrimental to the team.”[24] The next day, it was reported that Incognito had sent numerous texts and voicemails making threats against Martin and Martin’s family.[25][26][27][28][29]


According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the most egregious of these exchanges was a highly graphic voicemail Incognito left in April 2013, in which Incognito called Martin a “half nigger piece of shit,” threatened to slap Martin’s mother across the face and even uttered a death threat against Martin. Until obtaining the tape from Martin’s legal team, the Dolphins had publicly maintained the charges against Incognito wholesale jerseys were pure speculation. Schefter said that as late as the afternoon of November 3, the Dolphins didn’t even know the voicemail existed. However, within hours of hearing the tape, Incognito had been suspended.[30] On November 5, the Sun Sentinel reported that the message that ultimately led to Incognito’s suspension was made after Martin missed two days of the team’s voluntary workout program. The coaches asked Incognito to help “toughen up” Martin and “get him into the fold”.[31]


On November 11, a source close to Martin told ESPN’s Lisa Salters that Martin is not willing to play for the Dolphins again, and plans to sit out the remainder of the 2013 season.[32]

cheap nfl jerseys

Small multiples

Small multiples

Business Insider links to this blog with a chart depicting the top beer brands by state.

I like the quilt like appearance brought on by using the packaging of different brands. The nine glowing yellow islands sitting in the Atlantic Ocean I find annoying. This happens a lot because those New England states are smaller in area than most.

The design problem evaporates if you choose a small multiples approach. As shown below, there is the added benefit that the regional pattern of brand preference is clearly visible whereas in the original chart, it is rather hard to figure out.

I won comment on the data source here. (If you are interested in teaching these courses, please contact me.) The program aims to give students a balanced training, covering datavis from the perspectives of statistics, graphical design and computer science.

Nathan Yau new book, Data Points, landed on my desk at just the right time. It is a nice overview of Wholesale Hats the subject of data visualization, and it can serve nicely chi flat iron website in our introductory course. The book sits closer to the statistical and design perspectives. Instructors will need to supplement the computer science topics such as interactivity, networks, and online graphics. It is of course difficult to teach interactive graphics from a static textbook. (Yau previous book, Visualize This, has detailed tutorials of most of these techniques. My issue with that book is trying to be too many things at once.)

Data Points is a concepts and examples book. It not a how to book. There are figures on almost every page, and unlike Visualize This, most figures are actual published data visualization projects.

Just for fun, I classified the figures and plotted the result. (Some purely instructive figures are skipped.)

Running from left Wholesale Snapback Hats to right is the order of appearance of the chart within the book. I classified a total of 135 charts. For each chart, I considered whether one or more of 12 adjectives apply. I labeled about 40 charts “useful”, “banal”, “silly”, and/or “engaging”.

You can chi flat iron official website see from this graph that I enjoy the charts in the initial chapters. Up till chart number 50 or so, I find few “banal” charts, and many “engaging” or “amusing” or “artistic” charts. In the second part of the book, there are not many “surprising” or “amusing” charts.

As for “silly” and “baffling” charts, they appear at an even clip throughout. But that represents just my own bias. I received a review copy of Data Points. Nathan blog is Flowing Data.

A double post today.

Notice that I have indiced every metric against the league average. This is shown in the first panel. I use a red dot to warn readers that the direction of this metric is opposite to the others (left of center is a good thing!)

You can immediately make a bunch of observations:

Alex Smith was quite poor, except for interceptions.

Colin Kaepernick had similar passing statistics as Smith. His only advantage over Smith was the rushing.

Joe Flacco, as we noted before, is as average as it goes (except for rushing yards).

This takes inspiration from the fact that any serious reader of the spider chart will be reading the eight spokes (dimensions) separately. Why not plot these neatly in columns and use color to help us find the best and worst?

ring the 3rd most recognized ring in the world

ring the 3rd most recognized ring in the world behind the pope ring and the super


The response above was really a rather poor excuse for an answer. Mine probably won’t be too much better, but hopefully it’ll give you a little more information.


I attend this institution and I am currently 82 days away from getting my ring! So naturally I’m pretty excited for the ring, and I’d like to believe that it is the third most recognised. Unfortunately, I don’t see how that could possibly be true.


Everyone is always saying that the X ring is the third most Cheap Jerseys From China recognised ring in the world, but really, how can we prove this? cheap prom dresses I haven’t been able to find any polls on the subject, and when you think about, how would you even construct such a poll? The question would be very difficult to phrase in most instances, it would be inherently misleading. For instance, how can you ask a poll ee what ring they recognise the most (that question doesn’t even make sense). You would literally have to have a list of every single type of ring and get each poll ee to determine whether or not they recognised it. Then you would have to have a sample group of poll ees of at least 1000 and that’s just for each country! Imagine trying to get an accurate population cross section for the entire world!


Now, all that said, the story goes that this was once a question on jeopardy and that confirmed the myth as true, blah, blah, blah like, c’mon guys, jeopardy isn’t exactly a proper source. Still, the school website states that:


But this is just more evidence against the notion that it is the third most recognised ring. If it was, and if there were stats to back that up, don’t you think the school would be taking advantage of that? I mean, the Xring isn’t the main thing that draws students to the school, but it is an important factor. And StFX sure as heck took advantage of MacLean’s (magazine) endorsement that it was the 1 undergraduate institution in Canada. So they’ve already set a precedent for that kind of marketing.


So in short, there’s no way of ever knowing how recognised the X ring is. Obviously, it will be more recognised in some places that others. It is well known all over Atlantic Canada, and the rest of Canada as well (though possibly less so) but no one can put a statistic on that.


What’s really more important about the ring is that it is recognised by other X students and alumni. It can Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale bring people together in odd parts of the world, in places where you’d never think you’d see something as familiar cheap evening dresses online as your school’s ring on someone else’s finger. And it reminds you off all those drunken nights spent passed out on the football field.

Text and meaning in Martin Luther King Jr

Text and meaning in Martin Luther King Jr


In honor of the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington, the series begins with a re reading of the most famous speech presented during the event. You can make replica christian louboutin sure you catch future installments by signing up for a free subscription. Part 1 begins now:


“He captured the spotlight of history precisely at the right time, and responded with a blueprint for what America could become if it trusted its democratic legacy He was murdered. But his dream still excites our social and political imaginations. It beckons us to work, to realize the dream that America can indeed be a truly pluralistic society and that planet Earth can be a place in the universe where peace, justice, and freedom are the dominant ethos.” James M. Washington, Introduction to A Testament of Hope, The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. for Civil Rights and for Martin Luther King Jr.’s delivery of his now iconic “I Have a Dream”speech before a national audience. Plans had long been underway to commemorate the event on Saturday, August 24, with a symbolic reenactment of the original march. Recent events, however, such as George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the killing of Trayvon Martin and the Supreme Court’s decision to all but repeal the 1965 Voting Rights Act, have inspired many to call for something beyond symbolism.


With replica louboutin Martin Luther King, III, working alongside Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, the goal has evolved from hopes to make a meaningful emblematic gesture to accomplishing a true nonviolent protest that will help encourage action against the seeming tide replica christian louboutin shoes of political and social regression sweeping over the nation. With that in mind, the commemorative march, conferences, film festivals, concerts, and other activities slated to take place August 24 August 28 will help determine the significance of MLK’s dream in 2013.


Fresh Film Takes on a Complex Issue


Whereas much of contemporary America’s troubles may be traced to economic factors, the racial component has become too increasingly volatile to dismiss with a few short lived replica louboutin shoes riots or with condescending political motions that sound momentous but ultimately deliver little along the lines of sustainable solutions. As if to underscore how much aspects of race relations have not changed since the original march on Washington, the new films Fruitvale Station and Lee Daniels’ The Butler provide contrasting yet complementary portraits of life and death as a black male in America.


Fruitvale Station tells the real life story of Oscar Grant (played to critical acclaim by Michael B. Jordan), shot in the back in 2009 by a policeman in Oakland, California, while onlookers videotaped the horror. Director Lee Daniels’ The Butler, featuring a megastar cast headed by Academy Award Winner Forest Whitaker and Academy Award Honoree Oprah Winfrey,brings viewers the story of White House attendant Cecil Gaines, modeled after the biography of former real life White House butler Eugene Allen (1919 2010).


Both films offer fresh takes on the complex nature of race relations in America, examining the brutally persistent character of racism as well as the unyielding progressions of antiracism. While The Butler actually takes place during the rise and fall of Martin Luther King Jr.’s incredible career as the nation’s most galvanizing advocate for civil rights, Fruitvale Station has drawn inevitable comparisons to the case of Trayvon Martin and other black youth killed by violence. With their subtle emphasis on the chronic devaluation of black men’s lives in general, both films may be said to illustrate the kind of conditions that prompted King to pen “I Have a Dream.”

What was the fastest time by a MLB player running

What was the fastest time by a MLB player running to first base


Back when I was a kid, they stated that Mantle ran down the bases, home to 1st in 3.1 seconds. This was hand timed by the way. Vida Pinson was also timed at the speed.


Mantle was one of the best, if not the best, drag bunters ever. So he was doing the same thing as Ichiro, and he was timed by hand, which also counts for a faster time. Pinson was timed replica oakleys the same way, drag bunting, and both their times were 3.1. If they were timed today, their time would be a little slower using the timers we have today.


Just think, Bob Hayes was the fastest human Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale in 1964 Olympics and he won every NFL 40 yard dash except for one, when they had Wholesale Nike Jerseys the fastest NFL player in indoor track fake oakleys meets around the country. The hand time was around 4.2.


Mantle Pinson both had several feet short of 30 yards (90 feet) while drag bunting out of the batters box.